Terms and Conditions About this website

  • Upix Web world  (Web developing and website reseller company ) created and developing this website.
  • Website rights and revenue rights belong to the owner of this website.
  • Upix Web world work has a broker to the website purchase and the website seller.
  • As per the website owner interest, only this website was purchased and created by Upix Web world.
  • Upix Web world is only the service provider and online marketer to this website.
  • Upix Web world only maintains this website and online marketing revenue generator.
  •  How much revenue is generated by this website will transfer to website owner by deducting  10% of the amount from the online generated amount for maintaining charges by Upix web world.
  • Upix Web world generate the amount for this website by Adsense & different types of affiliate marketing has per website type.
  • Upix Web world can also resale this website by the permission and interest of the website owner at the renewal time has per the website popularity and owner interested amount.
  • From the renewal time, it takes 90 days to 100 days for resale the website.
  • In middle of the renewal time website will not be resale by Upix Web World.
  • After Reselling the website the total amount will be transferred to the Website Owner. From the purchaser, Upix Web World will take 10% of Comision.
  • The website owner has to pay the renewal amount to Upix Web world at the renewal time.
  • If the website owner doesn’t renewal his website at that time, Upix Web world doesn’t have any liabilities and responsibilities of the website lose, total responsibility and the loss of revenue and cost of a website will be website owners risk.
  • Renewal time and the date should have to inform the website owner before 15 days by Upix Web world.
  • All the content and links on this website were created by Upix Web world website owner doesn’t have any responsibilities.



Upix web world and website owner agree with all this terms & conditions.





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